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Trust us to enhance your look

Whether attending special occasions or carrying out our daily activities, we all want to look and feel our best. An important part of feeling our best is making sure our skin care is prioritized and designed for our individual skin needs. However, most of us don’t have the time for such activities due to our busy schedules. That is why visiting a professional regularly is important.


Salon 5010 has well-qualified and skilled beauticians to provide aesthetic and skincare services such as manicures, pedicures, tinting and makeup aplication. When you walk into our salon, you can rest assured that you will receive a warm welcome, and our friendly staff will consult with you on what exactly you need. We also offer a range of beauty care products to look your very best.

If you need more details on what we offer, get in touch with us, and we will chart out a solution tailored to your needs.

Offering Quality Services for Aesthetics

Our facial and body aesthetics are an important part of our visual appeal. We all wish to leave a lasting impression on others by looking our finest. Keeping this in mind, Salon 5010 offers professional assistance in a range of aesthetic services such as makeup and waxing. 


While the prices of each of these services are standardized, they may differ depending upon the customizations you choose when you visit us at our salon. Our aestheticians offer the following services at our Stratford salon:

Model and makeup artist


All Occasion Makeup
$45 +
Glamour Makeup
$60 +
Makeup and Lessons
$55 +


Tinting is a natural and safe way to enhance the colour of eyebrows and lashes. Lasts approx. 4 weeks.

Derived from natural sources:

Brow Tinting
$15 +
Lash Tinting
$25 +
Lip Wax & Brow Tint
$22 +
Brow Tint & Lash Tint
$30 +
Brow Tint & Brow Wax
$24 +
Last Tint & Brow Wax
$35 +
Brow Tint, Lash Tint, & Brow Wax
$40 +
Manicure at beauty salon

Classic Manicure 30 mins

$30 +

Set the mood by choosing the lacquer colour of your choice.

Classic French 30-45 mins

$35 +

Show off your hands and nails with confidence after our special treatment.

Spa Manicure 45 mins

$45 +

Relax with the exfoliating crystals, skin quenching massage, and a paraffin treatment.

Manicures & Pedicures

Polish Change 15 mins

$20 +

Please allow sufficient drying time for all pedicures and manicures!

Mini Pedicure 15 mins

$20 +

Nails clean and cut with a polish change.

Essential Pedicure 45 mins

$50 +

Stimulate and re-energize your overworked feet with a light scrub and foot massage.

Spa Pedicure 60 mins

$65 +

Slowly unwind while you soak, soften, exfoliate and re-hydrate. Finish with a refreshing foot and leg massage and paraffin treatment.

Customized pedicures are available to suit your individual needs. We will set your feet on a path to perfection.

OPI Gel Polish Nails 30 mins

$45 +

Gel Polish Removal 30 mins

$20 +

Master wax depilation of eyebrow hair

Waxing Services

Waxing is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and smooth. We use high-quality wax with an essential oil base.

$15 +
Lip Wax
$12 +
Other Facial Areas
$10-$15 +
Full Facial
$30 +
Under Arm Wax
$20-$28 +
Arm Wax
$20-$30 +
Leg Wax
$30-$45 +
$25-$45 +

Customized waxing upon request.



Express Facial 30 mins


Relax and decompress with our customized facials geared towards your individual needs.

Aromatherapy Facial 75 mins


For people with busy schedules and specific skin needs. Includes a basic cleanse, exfoliation, toning and hydrating. A truly relaxing experience!

Enjoy a cleanse, exfoliation and firming toner with a scalp, face, arm and foot massage.

Prices may vary according to individual client needs. Consultation is required for other areas not mentioned.

Impressed by our list of aesthetic services? Connect with us if you are looking for reliable solutions.

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